Project Management

  • Successful Projects

    Tips for Successful Projects

    Best practice for project management re-minds us that if we successfully plan, initiate, execute or close out our projects, our metrics will illustrate in greater results. Top most tips for successful projects: Know & Understands the Purpose of your Project The merit to understand, why your project is critical to your organization’s mission or how […]

  • Project Management

    Ethics in Project Management

    What is Ethics? In general words; ethics is the moral principle of that governs a person’s behavior and the conducting of an activity. Ethics in Project Management Professional and Ethical Obligations: Project Management is the complicated work, or such ethics invariably included the gray areas of judgment & interpretation.  Project management professionals; we have duty […]

  • Project Management Fail

    Why Does Project Management Fail?

    Some points due to project management failures: Lack of Project Charters: The Project Charters is essentially ‘what’ segment of the criteria of project. It dictates the exactly, what is being created, enacted or explains in high level terms of the various justifications or initial scope for project. What creates it important is that, it gives […]

  • Projects Failure

    Reasons for Projects Failure

    So many reasons for projects failure; the number of reasons can be endless. Over-allocated Resources: Often there are many few resources are working on too many projects at that same time. In combination with that, managers don’t appear to have a catch on what their resources are doing, all of the time. Poor Communication: Many […]

  • Project Risk Management

    10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management

    A Project risk management is the important aspect of project management. Better Project Risk Management’s depends on supporting the organizational factors, clear roles & responsibilities, or technical analysis skills. The ten golden rules of project risk management are as follows: Create Risk Management a Part of Your Projects: This rule is essential for the successes […]

  • Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

    Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

    What is communication? The exchanging of information’s through writing, speaking, and using some other way. 5 key points to successful project management  Understanding client requirements: The initial step is making sure the client’s requirements are understood or communicated clearly to project team. Any changes of that are needed can proved costly or time consuming, especially […]

  • Best Quality In Project Manager

    Best Quality in Project Manager

    People always wonder actually what qualities are the most important one for being a project manager. World leaders in Project Management Training were interviewed few years back to get answer for this question, what makes an effective project manager. Below are the top and most important qualities mentioned which are must into a project manager: […]

  • How Intelligence Requirement Gathering is important to Determining End User Needs

    A part of preparing any task for success is pulling together correct & complete information about deliverable, objectives, or expectations. Gathering this information as it relates to the end user demands can sometimes be difficult conflicting opinions, deficiency of big picture awareness, finished priorities, or little & no influence over the final budget approval can […]

  • How to Manage Your Time as a Project Manager

    What is Time management? The Time management is an act & process of the planning & exercising conscious handle over the quantity of time fill on particular processes,  particularly to increase the effectiveness, efficiency & productivity. The major subjects arising from literature on the time management involves the following: Making an environment for conducive and […]

  • Project Budget and Reporting Tools

    Budget is a quantitative expression of the plans for defined periods of time. It may be include planned sales volumes & revenues, costs, resource quantities or expenses, assets, liabilities & cash flows. It expresses the strategic plans of business organizations, units, activities and events in measurable terms. Purposes of the budgeting: A Budget can helps […]

  • Project Management Budgeting Tools

    Projects manager use budgeting tool & techniques to develop financial data that ensures a project is invested adequately & can be completed within allotted the budget. Using models, calculators & templates, an effective project manager figures accurately, monitors carefully & manager’s risk appropriately. These creatures help the project manager effectively communicate the project budget condition […]

  • How to choose project Management software for Company

    How to choose project management software for company Project management become very important in today’s world.Project management software are one of the tool that organizations implements in their projects. Project Management software are basically used when your task is huge, then you can use the software for a broad variety of projects, retrieving important information, […]