How to Promote yourself to Project Manager to Program Manager

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Project Manager to Program Manager

When you are working as a project manager in current organization; next prospect should be to seem yourself in position of a senior project manager & program manager. There must be some capability in you go to the next phase. Once you want to know the real work of a program manager & then try to equate it with your current project, there could be so various differences with your current project & that of a program manager. Program Managers are senior managers who controls the program rather that a single task.

As the project manager if you are controlling your project using the best methodologies & practices, recall a program manager is done the same thing with multiple projects. So, it is very imperative form to understand the primary differences between project management & program management. Project management is an the application of knowledge, skills, tools or techniques to attain the project goals although program management is a group of related to the projects or program activities managed in an organized way to get the profits which you could not get if you control them separately.

In a project management, take care of one project with resources allotted with this project only but in instance of program management you need to taking care of more than one project in such a manner that you could use smartly the resource pond so that overall organization could be profited. Now, you will be very keen to know what extra processes a project manager should do and what extra cognition and training required to get a program manager. Some points are as follows:

1. Education & Training

For the program management position, you want to focus on few specified credential such as PMP. PMP is the project management designation where as PgMP is for program level place. It’s up to you how you are used these credentials in achieving the better project outcome. Those credentials never automatically help you to go for the following level in your business. If you are a project manager & PMP certifiable then you want to show better result in your task by using ok concepts, tools or technologies & puts the some out of box schemes as you learnt in PMP & PgMP, such as you know that how to monitor  schedule & you know how to control the cost in your work or project.

2. People Management:

Project management is a main work is to get work from the people to fulfill the project goals for the organization & for the customer. A project manager should control the team smartly & if you are managing a vast cross functional team with a folk of stakeholders; and you could think of departure to next phase in project management i.e.; program management. Remember; as a program manager your vulnerability level will be very high & as you will be managing multi tasks might be the case you are controlling a large resource pond which are pointed in different geographical position & for communicating; you are applying so many best techniques in a position to deliver the better outcome in your task. So, if you are controlling a project smartly & your people skill management is good.

3. Strategic & Tactical Thinking:

A project manager if he and she want to go to the next phase, they should put some ideas on the strategic phase or at least at middle management stage. The best scripts could be thinking on a best process improvement in your project & showing to the top management stage that through adopting the same activity, the other projects could be benefited and expedited. Think some out of box & put it in the procedure improvement so that organization understands you are not only a true leader & a good project manager; but you could be a expert senior manager as well like program and portfolio manager.

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