Do not punish, if any one send you Friendly invite on LinkedIn

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Linked IN Friend Invitation

linkedinNow days we have connection to each other, not matter, we know or don’t know each other. Lots of technology platform like social networking site, blogs and feed we are continuously follow each other. Some time, we are very impress with thought and sometime disagree. It’s depended on conversation type.

We are aggressively searching new thing and lots of stuff on net, some time we get solution of answer of our questions.

Do you think any time, if any one not invests their time and post question or answer on social site, discussion forum or blog, Hope you not get solution and you need to invest lots of time to solve your problems.

LinkedIn is also a social platform where people are tried to reach you to get some solution, share thought and connect to each other to find job and sell services.

For Connect to each other LinkedIn have given lots of option for choose and send invite for connect each other.

  • Colleague

  • Classmate

  • We have done business together

  • Friend

  • Other

  • I don’t know

And you also Include a personal note with approx. 300 word, where you have meet and how you know each other, If you don’t know , let him know the reason for connect each other.

After this, I am 100% sure, People will respect your invitation and you will get good connections according to your need.

Now if you get invitation for connect, you have lots of option for respond on invitation

Your options for responding to an invitation are:

Accept –

Clicking this button will add the person as one of your 1st-degree connections. If you don’t see this option, you may already be connected.

Reply (don’t accept yet)

– From your inbox, click the dropdown on the right side of the Accept button to see this option and reply without accepting the invitation. On the People You May Know page, move your cursor over the message icon (looks like an quotation sign) on the pending invitation, then hit the arrow to reply.


– Clicking this button will move the invitation to your Archive folder without accepting it. The other person won’t be notified that you’ve ignored their invitation, so they may try to connect with you again.

Report as Spam – This option appears after you click Ignore. Clicking this button will report the member’s invitation as spam.

I Don’t Know [Name]

– This option appears after you click Ignore. If you click this link, it will prevent that member from sending you any more invitations.

LinkedIn is best platform for promote your skills and services, you can connect the decision maker and explain you services. You can connect to recruiters and get job and recruiters able to get good response on job posting, potential employee apply on your job posting for required skill for which they are looking for.

Please use LinkedIn for get good response on discussion, sell service, get job, and discuss problems.

You know, you are not 100% perfect; you need suggestions every time from expert person or team. May be, if any one send you invitation to connect not work for you presently, but you don’t know in future, may be you need some help from that guy.

If anyone send you invitation, you have lots of option for respond on invitation. Please think on invitation “Do not punish, if any one send you friendly invite on LinkedIn”

If you click on “Spam” or “I don’t know”, May be profile restricted by LinkedIn.

If anyone send you invite for connect, you should be gently declined. If anyone not respect you privacy and send too many invitation or email, you should have no choice use these option spam or I don’t know.

But you need to give a change to any one, before use “Spam” or “I don’t know”.

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