Reporting issues on Excel vs Management Tool. Which is best?

  1. Project Manajement Tool

Reporting issues is very easy in “Management Tool” rather than Excel spreadsheet.  In Microsoft excel everything written by manually such as write test cases and etc. But in management tool the test cases is generated automatically because everything written in programming language. The management tool can facilitate to generate scripts by manually and by recording methods.  To exporting the excel sheet method is complicated but in management tool it is easier. Issue management is the process ofdescribing and solving issues. Problems with, technical failures, material shortages – these might all have a negative impact on your project. Tools are very costly, but there saves the time and human efforts. Many of companies i.e. big or small mostly use the management tools.

Management Tools

Management reporting systems often that are evaluating the performance of organizations and managers, and sometimes that are lower level employees as well. But at first time the test cases can be written in Excel sheet according to user requirement that can helps at the time of executing.  Issues are component of every project management. It is important to keep track of various issues in the project and realize their progress. There are various ways to monitoring the progress of issues using excel charts. The ideas presents can be extended to do more composite analysis of issues and risks in your project. Often when the project is going through an exact patch, it may be better to hold the issue tracking simple and focused on the work. So the management tool is best for the reporting issues rather than excel spreadsheet.

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