Requirements of Issue Tracking System

Scopidea’s Issue Tracking system is helpful for developer to track their planning, programming, testing and customer issues. There is no need to access of spreadsheet, sticky notes or emails for tracking issues.

Scopidea Issue tracking system is not required to install, it’s totally web based system. Access of Scopidea issue tracking system is simple like facebook, twitter, etc. Just login into the system, create your project, mark schedules on calendar and start tracking your customer issues.

In market, numbers of tools are available for tracking the issues, but each tool has limited functions. Scopidea system assembles all tools in one place as per your requirements, so your work becomes easier, faster and more convenient.

Scopidea Issue tracking system provide a single system through which you can easily communicate with your customer, create your own plans, track the issues and release your work reports and best products. Scopidea Issue tracking system can access by any type of companies may be large or small organization.

Scopidea issue tracking system helps you to create your own workflow chart, so you and your team members can work as per their convenient. Scopidea issue tracking system can be access through personal computer or smartphones. This system runs on all type of operating systems.

Features of Scopidea Issue Tracking System:

  • This system provides easy and efficient interfaces to the developer for tracking the issues.
  • This system is more personalized, so developer can easily understand and handle the customers created issues.
  • This system provides adjustable system to the employee, so as per their convenience, they change their workflow.
  • This system is password protected, so no other person can access any employee’s account.

Scopidea issue tracking system help in many ways:

  • This system helps to save money and time from training.
  • Easily track customer issues and fix it.
  • This system helps to track more numbers of issues for a program.
  • Due to use of this system, it reduces the miscommunication between customers and tracker.
  • Non-technical team members can also handle this system for tracking the issues.
  • With this system, customers always happy with your team.

All this type of problems solved with Scopidea issue tracking system. Scopidea system can export report in PDF or excel format. You can directly send issue report through system or create PDF of the report and then send through email as per customer convenience.


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