What is the Role of scrum Manager or scrum Master?

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A manager is the first head in any team, who is responsible for any good & bad decision and success & failure. Manager is also responsible for planning & directing; the work of a group of people, monitoring their work, & taking right action when needed. But in scrum methodology, scrum manager is different.

In agile development atmosphere; a scrum master is the enabler for a product development team that uses of scrum, and rugby analogy for the development methodology that allots a team to self-organize & make changes rapidly. The scrum manages Or Scrum Master the activity for how data is exchanged.

The approach is frequently is used in agile software development & other characters of project management. Key concept on scrum development is importance of each member. Here it is impossible to win race without unity. For this they need to maintain discipline.

1. Team members start their day with a stand-up meeting where they re-examine progress &essentially again start the project. During the daily basis meetings; which are sometimes known as “scrums” and the scrum master asks to the team members these three questions and discuss in short:

a) What will you do today?

b) What did you do yesterday?

c) Is there any obstruction in your manner?

While the title of scrum master goes powerful; the scrum master is not the project leader & is not responsible for results. The team as an entire is creditworthy for outcomes.

That does not mean that job is easy; the scrum master is responsible for:

2 Planning for project sprint

3. Help the team member and to reach the general agreement for what can be achieved during a particular time period. (Sprint)

4. Helps the team members to stay focused and follow the agreed upon rules & regulations for daily basis scrums.

5. Removing obstructions that are detaining the team’s progress.

6. Protecting the team members from outside misdirection’s.

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