Why Scopidea fit for all Type of Development Methodology?

  1. development methodology

We think, for agile development no specific management tool is needed for your work. This is completely wrong

Almost any development process includes activities like:

  • Requirements management (product/release backlogs).
  • Planning (release/iteration planning).
  • Tracking (project/release/iteration progress tracking).
  • Quality Assurance (testing, bugs management).
  • Document Management (Test cases, project release document, traceability matrices and etc)
  • Time Tracker (Monitor team and work)

So it’s clear that any project management tool has some specific feature

  1. Planning
  2. Issues Tracking
  3. Document management
  4. Time tracking

If your tool has this feature then it is helpful for any type of Project Management methodologies like Waterfall, spiral or agile.

As I think scopidea gives you most advance and complete feature for project management.

  • User Stories and Epics management.
  • Backlogs prioritization.
  • High level release planning and low level iteration planning.
  • Progress tracking via virtual burndown charts.
  • Bugs management via Bug Tracking support and integration with external bug tracking tools.
  • Advance time tracking with screen shot, it save your each and every minute of your sprint time.

The other goal of agile project management tools is to integrate several teams. In the real world, several teams work together on a single large project. Often the teams are separated by continents and time zones. It is really hard to integrate them without a tool that can be easily accessible by all teams all the time.Scopidea will help you to get your need al one place. In this condition Paper and whiteboards will not help,desktop applications will not help either. The only viable solution so far is the web based software.Scopidea give you complete web based software cloud hosted solution.

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