Skills of the Digital Project Managers

  1. It’s depending on the organization, the role that the digital project managers can play can vary extensively.

Digital Project manager

It is defining the role of a digital project manager isn’t straightforward, there is actually no standard as for what role actually entails.  There is often over-lap between the digital project managers & account managers or particularly at smaller organizations, there can often be over-lap between the QA, UX, or Business Analysis.

Following Skills of the Digital Project Managers

Content writing or Editing Skills

The content is & has always been drones. Being able to write or edit will make a priceless member of the team. The time is super rare, no matter how many individuals are on the team. Whether it is writing an explained for the designer, blog post to the company and an email to the client, the writing skills are important. A good PM should be able to transform the words of designer and developer into something compelling or readable.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP is just the way to connect server to client in the form of computer network. This is the operate server for client data. FTP is completely secure as it authenticate clear text for for sign in which helps to secure the client document in the server.

Analytics and Reporting

Information is a currency of the future. PMs need to understand, how to collect that information& interpret it. Most accessible initiating point is to learn the Google Analytics. The Google Analytics platform is widely accepted as company standards as it is intuitive or well documented. Installing the analytics code on web sites is easy, or Google’s point-to-point guide makes it almost impossible for screw-up. Remember that, being able to set the Google Analytics does not mean anything if you do not understand reporting. The google offers the free online courses on how to use their whole platform here. After taking in all of that data, you can also become the certified analytics professional. Being the Google Analytics certified carries much-more weight in this field than you may think.

Knowledges of Contents Management Systems

There are many content management system in the market but best one is Drupal, WordPress, ETC. if you have the knowledge of content, then this will help you to edit, create or publish content with the help of content management system and it is a good skill to have.

Social Media

Understanding various platforms to publishing or managing the social media is a priceless skill to have. Everybody is trying to build a social presence,be it the Facebook page or Twitter profile and a full blown stack of the social properties. PMs need to know the content limitations or what’s possible for various platforms. Many individuals use the additional tools for social-media ranging from Tweet-Deck for more enterprise software like Virtue. Having the working understanding of these tools is assist-full, but indeed impactful PMs will know which tools they prefer or why.

Search Engines Optimization

SEO helps to discover the digital activity. And it helps to increase the web page ranking in the google search result. It all about having the good and related content on the website which helps to increase the relevance in google search result. Usually, designers or programmers will leave this if not encouraged. If you are just getting initiated, SEOmoz is the great site & software as a service tool to learning or optimizing the SEO experiences.

Keynote and PowerPoint

Telling compelling the stories in an organized manner is a basis of most marketing tactic today. Being able for whip a presentation deck into shape is the great asset to have. The tools like Slide Rocket, Prezi and Haiku Deck are all web based platforms chock full of the starter templates.

Presentations Skills

Being able to deliver a concise, attractive and cohesive story is going to set apart. The great presentation skills are different between the leader & behind the scene manager. The presentation skills can make an ordinary PowerPoint look great or vice versa. That’s why presentation skills are so important in Digital project manager.

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