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  1. Project Management Process

The project management process is the ace of the high-responsibility projects in modern systems. The project management team is required to handle a number of tools which are specifically designed for project management process. The applying of what tools usually made the project managers work easy apart from it standardizes the work or the every day of a project manager.

Before discussing much project management process, let’s have quickly understand that what is a project management process??

A project management process is a process where we plan, execute, control and initiate a particular project in order to meet specific criteria.


Project Planning:

All of the tasks that should be managed near a project manager should hold a project plan. This project plan contains information many facets of the project to be accomplished. The strategy is the substance of the project plan. The scheme should vary depending on the project aim and specific project demands.

In project management process the resource allotment and delivery timetable are another two primary constituents of the project plan.

Gantt chart:

Within project management process, Gantt chart also plays an important role. Gantt chart instances the project schedule and presents the project manager the interdependence of each activity. Gantt charts are cosmically used for whatever type of project from building to software development. Although derivation a Gantt chart looks rather than ease it is one of the most complex tasks when the project is regarded in hundreds of actions. Then the project has a prominent accountable value or high-risk vulnerability, and then the project director can apply software tools.

Some of the project management software are:    

Project Reviews:

A comprehensive task review activity is a groovy instrument for project management process. More growing organizations tend to get more exhaustive and comprehensive project reviews as defended to basic ones done along smaller companies. In project re-examination, the projected growth and the attachment to the process standards are primarily considered. The non-compliance and execute project are then tracked in a manner to finished it.

Delivery Re-examine:

Delivery re-examine make certain that the sanded made by the project group met the client requirements and cleave to the general guidelines of tone. Commonly, an III party team conducts the bringing review and the main neutrals of the project delivery do take part for this activity. Then delivery reexamine may determine to reject the bringing due to the tone standards.

Marks Cards: 

When it comes to carrying into action of the project team, a card is a path of tracking it. During project management process, all project managers are responsible for of accessing the operation of the team members and describing and reporting it to the higher management. This data is then used for packaging purposes and apart from human resource’s growth. A comprehensive mark card and performance appraisal can place the team members in the right place.


Basecamp is often regarded to be the best project management and also aims to provide efficient project management process and collaboration program out there. Its features are telling: to-listings, file sharing, message display, milestones, time trailing, project overviews and pointing out.


JIRA is an issue and bug-tracking software that admits a lot of great features. It has upgraded reporting features, workflow function as well as issue and projects organizing; it’s beside customizable. JIRA as well offers a figure of plug-ins to cover its functionality, including Bamboo integrating, time tracking, charting, and also its inbuilt project management process is very appreciative.

Time Tracking:

Whether you want to keep track of your time for charging purposes just of measuring your own outcome, chances are you will need a time-tracking application.

The timer is an easy-to-use time tracking plan that works on either your computer system or iPhone. It can be used for charging purposes or simply to avoid your productivity or accountability. The iPhone integrating makes it easy for track your time still if you are not at your table, making it to a greater extent useful than many other Web-based time-tracking applications

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