Step by step guide Project Management of Ecommerce Project

Project Management:

Project management is the process or activity of planning and organizing or motivating, and controlling resources, processes and protocols to reach specific goals in scientific or daily jobs.

Project Management Ecommerce


The buying and selling of products and services by businesses and users through an electronic medium without using any paper.

Step by step guide Project management of ecommerce project

  1. Knowledge management:

Engineering’s used for Knowledge Management include: Search engines – with artificial intelligence features, Databases –

Relational or object oriented ones, Meta tags like XML, Classifications – maybe using neural networks.

  1. Customer Relationship Management:

It is an interactive and cognition based age, where success of the company, could depend on its power to learn how to treat each client as an important individual.

  1. Package selection:

Many of software’s companies have already focussed on various real business problems. They created some unusually solutions in markets like supply chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Customer relationship management (CRM), It is difficult to select  to the power of software and hardware solutions from the given number of sellers and choices.

  1. Services-application-solutions development and research:

It means the company have todeal with time to market problem. The managers involved in this field have to find out best patterns that will help them to run across challenging agendas, and technologies such as distributed systems and Web services that enable software on computers and nomadic (mobile) devices to connect and practical with each other across platforms and applications.

  1. Process Improvements:

Stakeholders are concerned about the company rank in the market and about the amount of profit that can be done by company. If is done correctly, it canadjust the organizations with its strategically objectives. It is have the scope and the end to improve products and services to all time in order to attain desired outcomes.

  1. Human Resource Management:

It means people management. One important matter is to avoid battle and project obstructions by discovering and working with company’s personality. The people that are in this area have to take care how they employ the best human people for the company involvements in order to get commitment without any trouble from productions team, stake holders and higher management when is working in a project.

  1. Project plan execution:

It includes managing and execution the work described in the project plan manual. The most of the time and money is usually exhausted on development and deployment.

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