Steps Approach Effective Project Management

  1. Steps Approach Effective Project Management

Project Management

Project management is a helping tool in a project which helps to organize the project in a systematic way which is simple and easy to understand and helps to earn more profit from the project and on time delivery this called project management. Project stakeholder can have a clear expectation with the help of project management. The Project is any task taken up to complete it within the deadline or to achieve any specified goals is called project. Project management is all about planning, controlling and execution of the project in a proper manner is called the project management.

Example like XYZ company is working on an app development and they are using the old traditional method then first they will make long-term goals and use old and different communication method like file transfer or different cabinet to store data by this method they will never able to communicate well within the team or and if communication is not done properly then project can’t meet its deadline. But in the same app development if you are using project management then things will change because in the project management things are planned first with the proper flowchart in which manager decide how to do, when to do, and when it will be done and collaboration and communication is better and faster than the traditional method and you will get better and effective result of the project.

Steps for effective project management

Clarity of project requirements, project scope

If the requirement is not clear, then your project will be a complete failure. All the team member and superiors should be clear with all the requirements with the project scope they should have a clear understanding of it. To avoid the confusion later you should be clear in the project scope to the stockholder. If the team has a clear picture of requirement, then it will be easier to achieve the goals of your project.

Planning schedule, risks, resources

Main and the most important task in planning is selecting the team as soon as the project requirement and scope are done, now it’s time to select the team member, the manager will select the different skills set people who will match the project requirement and benefits the project with their skills and knowledge. Then the second step will be projected schedule as soon as the requirement is set, then the manager can schedule the project with its milestones, tasks, allocating, subtasks, and assigning resources to his team member to complete the task. This stage gives the clear responsibility to the team member that what work they have to perform and in how much time they have to complete it. Then planning the risks of the project after scope and requirement are done, then analyze the risk is very important because it saves you from the surprises this will create awareness in the team before the risk will arrive.

Communication plans – clarity & frequency

Communication plays very important role in making the project successful if the communication is not proper in the project, then it can be a big failure because it gives the clear visibility of the project. There are different project management tools which help you in the best communication with your team and stakeholder on the same platform which saves time and cost to the company and gets a quick response to the work.

Kick-off project

Now everything is properly planned and written with the clear expectation of each now it’s time to run the project as per the schedule. Now project runs manager should work like a coach to his team for good and healthy environment in the project team.

Monitor & Control

Now the main responsibility of the project manager is to monitor that project is going in the right direction as per the plan or not what is the progress of the project. How the team is working should have proper control of the project so that it finishes on time.

Deliver, close and Review

Now at the end, as the project is completed and it’s time to deliver to the customer on time now the customer can use the product and will give you the review about your product that how it’s working and what are the benefits of it.

These steps are the main part of Project Management.

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