For Get Profit in Project Development work take care on these points

  1. project management methodology

There is no any shortcut to success. Success always comes by hard work and determination. Success has much faces like dice. If you want to play with dice, do not throw it,try to understand the probability of success’s face. If you want to taste the success you need to focus on many parts. Success also includes getting the job done within the constraints of time, cost, and quality. Using this standard definition, success is defined as a point on the time, cost, quality/performance  more precisely you need to cut the dice part and need to add in plane face

For Project development work take care on these points success you need to focus on the following six parts

1 Time: Time is directly proportional to cost. You need to focus on allotted time for project, if you time frame will increase you need to use your resource for more time due to this cost will increase.

2 Cost: Proper financial analysis is required before start project. You need to take care about your project do not cross budget in anyhow. If you cost increase, profit decrease. You need to answer of you management for that.

3 Custom expectations: You need to understand the requirement. Unclear requirement, request Requirement change affect you success. You need to understand the customer requirement and try to bound you customer within requirement, so in future no any change and you work on the project development smoothly

4 Use of the project management methodology: This will play major role in success. if you choose wrong methodology for project management, It means you do not have understanding of you project requirement. In that case every day with wrong methodology, you are going forward to failure.

5 Skill resources: Project is nothing without resources you need to choose or hire good resources. For that you need to test the resources. As I think interview is not only method to judge. Because as a single person you are not able to judge all and full faith. So before proceed, assign a sample task related to your project or similar to your project and give a limited time frame to complete and analyze and hire resources.

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