Tester Roles in Project Management

  1. tester role in project management

What is Project?

Project is temporary in that it has a delimitated source and end in time, and hence explains scope and resources. A project is unequaled in that it is not a routine evolution but a particular set of operations designed to execute a singular goal. The development of software for an improved business process, the building of or a span.

Tester’s role in project management

1. Project Test Lead – This is individual responsible for supervising of testing on the project.  This person is also answerable for the processes used to assure the quality of the product.  It may be the project manager, or someone else all, but this individual person is responsible for quality control of quality confidence.

2. Tester – This is the soul responsible for running the test play scripts, and reporting the outcomes.  There may be many testers on a task, at various times, or on the job at the same time.  Some of them may even be automated.

3. Test Approver – This is somebody responsible for reexamining, confirming, and approving the test stuffs created by the test designer or maker.

4. Test Designer – This is someone responsible for creating the running test scripts, scenarios, test lives, and so on that make up the tests to be executed.  There may be dissimilar test designers for different types of testing, or even several makers working on the same type of testing.  Recall that the developer is the test decorator for unit testing.

5. Testing Manager – This is the person answerable for conducting quality assurance testing and running on the test plan.  There may be different test managers allotted for dissimilar types of testing, or on different parts of the task, but the role is needful whenever some type of testing will take pose.

6. Reviewer – This is the individual person responsible for reviewing studies from the testers and deciding what subsequent actions will be accepted.  This might be the evolution manager, project director, developer, or any number of other team members and persons, but this part in testing gives them the chance to receive feedback on the quality of the ware.


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