TIME TRACKER: An Essential Project Management Tool

It is well said “If you spoil time, time will spoil you”. The success not only of an organization but also of an individual depends on effective utilization of time, in other words depends on “Time Management”.

Why Time Tracker is essential?

1. Keeping a track of your time and judicious utilization of it increases your productivity. Time tracker helps you do so.

2. Your complaint of shorting time will vanish.

3. Able to concentrate on single task at a time. Get rid of tension of completing more than one task at a time, because of running time. Your entire task will get completed peacefully.

4. It help in Performance enhanced,Completing task peacefully will provide accurate and desired result, increase performance.

5. Effective analysis for decision making can be made on the basis of recorded Timesheets.

6. Time Tracker will help you in setting the order of your tasks according to your priorities.

Scopidea is one of the project management tools having unique time tracking feature.

Its feature includes:

1. It is capable of taking screenshots of employee screens with or without internet.

2. Keep a record of monthly, weekly, daily work.

3. Have a track of mouse cursor movement of employee.

4. Admin has a full control over time of snapshots.

5. Admin has a record of keyword stroke of employees.

All types of monitoring of an employee by their admin are now possible using Scopidea. A trusted relation is built between admin and its employee.

Billable hours are the backbone of various industries. That is, each industry want to keep a record of how much time its employees should to its clients and their projects each month. Due to untracking of time, they fail to estimate the amount of time is required to give for completion of project.

Our Time Tracker tool removes this drawback by keeping safely the snapshots taken at regular interval for future responses, which can be easily seen at a later time.

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