Time Tracker: Popular Myths

1. Privacy is Penetrated by Time Tracker: Various people are not comfortable using time tracker software as they feel insulted because they think that they are being watched (spied) .As they do not want to share their computer screens with anyone or with their employer.

Love to Multitask: Different personalities have different way of doing work. It is seen that employees   opened a tab of social networking sites besides the tabs of actual work. They feel that time tracker software is putting a leg in their method of doing work. For them sending screen shots to the boss is like a punishment /penalty for them. But the employer doesn’t mind if employer sees to these sites for a break from work.

2. Time Trackers Hovers on their Heads every time: Employees made a wrong perception that it hovers over their head and bring them under pressure thus affecting their performance.

But every employer wants to know whether their employees utilizing their time in proper work because employees are paid according to their skills and per hour result they produce.

The purpose of time tracker is not to have an eye on you, but to tell the employer right picture of your work. On the basis of it, the employer (or the boss) can guide you for improving your performance.

3. Time tracker is against you: Basically, time tracker is made for employers to monitor their employees in an easy way. But it is not against the employees as it provides them a proof to be charged right for their work. For example, consider that you have a contract with an online employer who charges from you as per the amount of hours you spent in a day not for your breaks, on the basis of it you can have a right amount of salary charge for the shift of work you did.

This means that nobody will be able to take benefits from your services.

4. Older paper time tracking and attendance is worthy: People think an older method of tracking them on paper is easy. But technology made our work easy. Also that method was full of chances of mistakes and amore employees were needed for collecting data .This all reduced using automatic time tracking software.

5. Time Tracker: a demotivator: For the people who hate it, made a perception that it is a demotivator. But the truth is it ensures employers to find the hardworking candidate and reward them as an appreciation. Thus it is a motivator for hard workers and a medium of inspiration for others.

6. All time trackers are alike: All time trackers are different in one or the other functionality. In some, start or stop time is set manually and some set automatically.

7. Employees/Employers need training: no special training is given to them. Most time trackers are web dependent and user friendly.

8. Not for Small businesses: Business small or big, all needs better results. Time tracking may be advantageous for one’s competition. Is an efficient method of judging employee performance on task management or on task completion.

Thus Time Tracker software is a future tool that not only benefits employer but employee too. The thing is that you must have a faith on it.

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