Time Tracker

  • Time Tracker: Popular Myths

    1. Privacy is Penetrated by Time Tracker: Various people are not comfortable using time tracker software as they feel insulted because they think that they are being watched (spied) .As they do not want to share their computer screens with anyone or with their employer. Love to Multitask: Different personalities have different way of doing work. […]

  • TIME TRACKER: An Essential Project Management Tool

    It is well said “If you spoil time, time will spoil you”. The success not only of an organization but also of an individual depends on effective utilization of time, in other words depends on “Time Management”. Why Time Tracker is essential? 1. Keeping a track of your time and judicious utilization of it increases […]

  • Organization & Benefits from Time Tracking Software

    Time Tracking Software: Time tracking software & time sheet software is the accounting software, which’s used to maintaining time sheets to each person in an organization. Such software’s allows employees for enter their time, which can be approved & rejected through supervisors & project managers. Unsurprisingly, top organizations using a time tracking are marketing and […]

  • DeskTime to employees

    How to explain DeskTime to employees

    Everybody knows the time is very important or in other hand we can say that the “time is money”, which is why it is so vital to make most of work hours, & why you are using the Desk Time to keep-up with your employees. The problems often lay in the explaining of software, so […]

  • Sopidea Time Tracker

    oDesk vs Elance vs Scopidea Time Tracker

    oDesk, Elance and Scopidea  are perfect solution for remote team. These three times tracker software has some unique feature for your team need. Scopidea, oDesk and Elance time tracker able to capture your employee activity and you able to see what going on your project. How much effort and focus is giving your one employee […]