Time Tracking Helps to Boost the Production

  1. Time Tracker

Scopidea provides Project Management Software in which online- time Tracking Software is included. Scopidea online time tracking software helps you to maintain your schedule given on the task.

Scopidea’s online time tracking software provides one-click tracking system. This software helps to organize your project’s task and invoice systems. Online time tracking software is ideal for all team members. There is no need of training for handling this software.

Scopidea software helps you to analyse your team members from your cabin without visiting their place. You can also overview your invoice system and project progress reports through this software.

Scopidea software helps you to take printout of your project reports or invoices and send emails to your seniors or customers.  You can keep your records on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Scopidea online time tracking software is helpful to increase in your organization’s productivity.

Features of Scopidea Online Time Tracking Software:

o   It provides real time tracking system.

o   You can capture screenshot of your work with this software.

o   It helpful to generate project reports.

o   This software help to draw the timesheet in graphical form of you projects.

o   As per requirements, you can create notes and shared to your team members.

o   Scopidea software is web base system, so this system can be access through anywhere and on any platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.)

o   You can take print out your reports or invoice in PDF or excel format.

Scopidea online time tracking software helps to track your project task and schedule. This software is web base, so you need not required to install any software to your system. You can access this software through your computer or smartphones.

Scopidea software has few benefits which explain below:

o   This software provides flexibility to manager for analysing number of team members.

o   This software helps to track the time period of employees work. On that basis, employees receive their proper salaries.

o   Many organizations create invoice of client’s project on time basis rather than per project. Therefore, this software is helpful for creating correct bill for clients.

o   This software also help to reduces the cost of resources for improving business budget and work efficiency.

o   With the help of this software, organization workflow becomes better.

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