Why Time Tracking is Necessary for Project Management?

  1. Time Tracking

Time is an important point in our life, we will check time approx more than 20-30 times in a day. Time is key concept to manage our daily life. In same case time is also important in project management.

Time is key concept for many things

1 Success

2 Money

3 Deliver on time

You can check now days every project management software provide you a time tracking tool, Because if you track your time, team is able to mage time and able to complete work on time. If work complete on time, project give benefit and get success. so many thing are interrelated.

Scopidea provide one step forward solution. It gives you third eye with time tracking. You able to track time and able to monitor employee with capture screen shot. It give you a clear picture where your employee inviting time.

Scopidea time taker able to capture time with screen shot,

Tracer able to capture number keyword hit, number of mouse movement.

Though time tracker able to capture employee snap shot. All data is save in the user profile and this image is share with admin.

Time tracker help in many Ways.

1 When your are working with freelancer

2 When you are continuously moving not able to monitor employee

3 When you are losing money on employee performance.

4 If you want to provide you a open work environment for employee, where employee able to work from home.

5 If you want to help disable person, they will complete work from home and you able to monitor work.

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