Tips for Safe Surfing Safer Internet


The meaning of internet is that, it is a global-computer-network that providing a variety of information’s or communications facilities, and consisting of the interconnected networks using standardized communication-protocols.

Tips for Safe Surfing Safer Internet

Don’t give out your personal information:

Do not put the personal details such as your home-address, telephone no.s and parent’s working addresses online as cyber-criminals and they can use these information’s to create fake profile with your details.

What goes online stays online:

Use the privacy settings to make sure only the family & friends can see the photos you post. Avoiding the posts of holiday’s plans as criminals has been known to track the movements.

Check your security and privacy settings:

Make sure the social network privacy settings are secured, so only the friends can see your personal information’s or use your privacy settings for restrict, who can see the posts, photos and videos.

Password safety:

Sharing the passwords with your parents is a sensible idea, but avoids the sharing your passwords with friends, even if they promise they won’t tell anybody. Also, when setting your password, make sure it is not something people might guesses such as your pet’s names. Use a mixture of letters, no.s & upper or lower case characters.

Always protect your mobile device:

Make sure your mobile phone is pass code protected, so all your personal information’s stored on its safe. Downloads the security app which allows you to remotely-wipe any personal data, should mobile be lost & stolen.

Don’t talk to strangers online or offline:

Don’t meet-up with strangers & let parents know if a stranger has tries to get in contact with you online. Often individual you speak for online might not be, who they say they’re so only share the personal details on social-media sites with friends, family or individual you already know in ‘real’ world.

Listen to the adults who know:

Parents will always be worried about you. Help the set their mind at rest or avoids the chatting online with strangers and using the internet so long you disregard your real-world activities or real world friends.

Be wary of unsecured or unknown websites:

When shopping-online, use the reputable or known retailers. Make sure any transactions you make only take places across the secure web pages which you can identify from the padlock sign in the browser’s address bar & where the address says HTTPS.

Definition of Padlock

Those’re portable locks with shackle that might be passed by an opening to protect against the unauthorized use, vandalism, theft and harm.

Be careful what links you click on:

Avoids the clicking at links in the email, Instant-Message and at your social network unless you’re sure message is from anyone you know. Cyber-criminals have been known for hack into your friend’s email accounts or social-networks to sends the emails and post the messages claiming they’re in trouble & asking you for transfer them the money.

Advantages and dis-advantages of Internet


  • Information present at almost every subjects imaginable.
  • Messages boards where individual can discuss the ideas at any topic.
  • It is a Time Saving.
  • Internet provides the ability of e-mails. Free e-mail services to anyone in the country.
  • Love connections and Friendships have been made over internet via people involved in love and passion over similar interest.


  • There’re predators that hang-out on internet waiting to get un-suspecting individual in the dangerous situations.
  • There is the lot of wrong information’s over the internet. Anyone can post the anything, & much of its unusable.
  • Obscene literatures that can get in hands of young-children too ease.
  • The hackers can use internet to identity theft.
  • The hackers can create the viruses that can get into your personal-computer & destroy the valuable information’s.
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