Top 10 Project Management Challenges

Project Manager

The person is overall in-charge of the planning & execution of a specific project.

  1. Administrative works regarding many projects.
  2. Share the resources with other Project Managers.
  3. Managing vendor related projects.
  4. Dependencies & having to depend on other people for success.
  5. Negative response form teams consider being member’s management & other level.
  6. Difficult settings in correct scheduling or resource expectations with the clients.
  7. Virtual and Multi-national teams present added challenges.
  8. Budget related issues.
  9. Lack of wide spread acceptance of PM and PPM management tools at various different organizations.
  10. Project Managers can be type cast graceful quickly.

Top most Project Management Challenges:

  1. Budgeting: What to think about, when budget is for your project, so that you have sufficient funds for the best right acceptable Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Dropping ball: How to neglect the troubles when assumptions are developed, plans are not followed, and there is in-sufficient follow up.
  3. In-sufficient training: Why it is important to understands the capacity of the software & provide sufficient training to your end users.
  4. Poor conversation: Why & how you should include every department from the initial to maximize the benefits to the enterprise.
  5. Insufficient calamity recovery planning: Why backup & disaster recovery plans are important to your ECM project & how to go about planning for them.
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