Top 5 Project Management Books

  1. Project Management Software

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (book name)

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is the custom of excellence in project management with a standard that is even easy to understand and implement, with improved consistency and greater clarity.

What’s new in this book……………

* Standard language has been integrated across the document to assist reader understanding.

* New data flow diagrams clearly inputs and outputs for each action’s.

* Bigger attention has been placed on how Knowledge fields integrate in the context of starting, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing action groups. Discover stakeholders and Collect requirements. Start meeting your standards for improves project operations.

Project Management Lite (book name)

Project management is simple an operation for acquiring things arranged. Project management is helps to define “what you need to do” plan it out, get it arranged. Project management can go very light and simply to heavy and complex depending on size of complication. The person who runs the project is known as “Project Manager”. A project manager is the charger of building sure every things acquiring done.

Guide to Project Management (Economist book)

Project Management has much to do with describing and handling of a project. Many business do not exchange when they need to nor do they change they have to.  Managing projects cannot classify from managing the entirely business. Effective management of business “as usual” delivers the goods.  Good project management follows step changes in execution. Experience dominants that a project requirement of many stake holders, including those who commission and finance it. If an organization is serious about up the way it manages the project it will have a change to improve the way it manages its business.

Project management for Dummies(book name)

Project management is the action of guiding a project from its first through its performance and resources to its block. Project management includes few steps:

  1. Initiating Process:

Clear the business need; define high level expectation and resource funds and   first audiences that can play an important role in your projects.

  1. Planning process:

Describing projects scope, time frame, resources and risks, and management of external buy of goods and services.

  1. Executing Process:

Building and managing your team and implementing the projects plan.

  1. Monitoring and controlling process:

Tracking performance actions requirement to help ensure project plan is successfully implemented.


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  1. I was finding those books on internet and too much confuse which one is better, Thanks for your post for identifying the best books

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