Top 5 tools For Project Management

  1. Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool

Project management tool support conventional project-management methodologies and integrate emergent technologies. The top selections in our analysis set themselves apart by also providing extended coverage options and easy ways to share that coverage with stakeholders and others.

Top 5 Tools for Project Management:

  1. ActiveCollab:

The ActiveCollab is the first tool of the project management. In this tool, it can help collaborates by its time saving and ease to use features. Project leaders can fix mileposts for the team, add team members, assign tasks and get advised via e-mail for updates on the project. With ActiveCollab, team leaders canfurnish real-time modifies to their clients by giving them accession to the system itself.

  1. Assembla:

It is a second tool; it has a ticketing system where teams in distant places are given tasks via tickets. There are built in wiki to helps new users sail their way through, and Assembla promotes its users to really read and follow instructions.

  1. Basecamp:

Basecamp is a very popular project management tool unlike disregards integration with email and or else creates a collaboration wall within the practical application. Alternatively of sending e-mail to various people, users can post directly to Basecamp and let people occupied in the post, extinguishing messy e-mail threads on everybody’s inbox.

  1. Teamwork PM:

It is telling team management characteristics, a very sensible pricing structure, and a depositary that houses all your indispensable documents in the cloud, approachable to all team members. Teamwork is great for client work, should you need to allow access to clients about task progress, documentation creation, and related aspects.

  1. Confluence:

Confluence is other project management tool for more focused on documentation and information sharing. It is one of the better searching functions in project management and file sharing is a drag and drop breeze. For larger projects, proper documentation is decidedly the key to a more organized executing of things.

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