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Now a day’s lots of programming language and technology available in the market, it’s difficult to choose correct one you for you need. Please consider on these point before choose any programming language and any technology for your project development .

1 Budget: Budget is the main part in any development work. Because if you have money, you can purchase available license for any software for development and programming. If you do not have allocated budget for software license you need to go further with open source technology.

2 Availability of low cost resource: if you are going to develop: Keep in the mind, do not choose any rare technology in which it is very difficult to find resources. Like now a days if you start development with VB, it’s difficult to find resources. Resource is directly proportional to cost. If resource cost is high your development cost will increase and vice versa. Always try to use software has easy to find developer.

3 Low cost maintenance:  Always try to find the software which needs not maintenance. If you developed in the low cost and maintenance take thousand of $ per year, it will increase your cost in near future. Maintenance should always cost minimum.

4 Low cost software for development work: Before starting development, calculate the entire thing; do not start anything with morning cup of tea. Just calculate the software price, like if you choose MS SQL, you need to add cost per year in your development. I have one recommendation; always try to go with open source. It saves your money and this money you will use in software marketing.

5 Compatible in hardware development: Check before development, like always choose any software, which don’t need any special hardware for development and maintenance in near future.

6 Stability: Do not choose any paid and open source software in which maintenance and development is stop and you did not get any update history since last one year. Because it is impossible to fix all bugs before release, in path and version software will more stable day by day or you get new feature in new update.

7 Security: Before start development with any programming language, how much security standard, it provide by default.

8 Success story: Always read blog and comment and communicate with expert before chose any programming language. How many people are using and how they are fee with this language?

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