Top FireFox Add-ons used for Testing

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These are some useful Fire Fox Add-ons used for Testing.


Firebug incorporates with Fire fox to put riches of development tools at your tips while you browse. You can debug, edit, & monitor of CSS, HTML, or JavaScript populate in any web page.

Fire Shot:-

Fire Shot Pro – Capture + comment Webpage Screenshot captures completely, edits and saves your webpage. The Fire Shot Pro Webpage Screenshot edition adds characteristics such as:

* Prints screenshot

* Saving screenshot for multi-page PDF

* Capturing all the tabs in single click

* Modern Editor

* Capture screenshots as the PDF files

* Clipboard

* Crop & Resize screenshot functionality

* Undo and Redo

* Uploads the screen shots to custom HTTP and FTP servers

* Work with tasks

Hack Bar:-

This toolbar will helps you in testing SQL injections; XSS holes or site security. It is not a tool for running standard exploits & it will not teach you how to hack a web site. It is main purpose to help a developer do security inspects on his code. If you know; what you are doing, this toolbar will helps you to do it quickly.

> The advantages are:

– Still the most complicated URL will be clear

– The focus will be stay on the text area; so after the executing of the URL {Ctrl+Enter} you can only go on typing and testing

– URL in text area is not impacted through redirects.

– It tends to use as a notepad.

– Useful tools like the fly uu or URL decoding etc.

– Entire functions work on the currently chosen text.

– MD5 and SHA1 or SHA256 chopping.

– MySQL and MS SQL Server or Oracle shortcuts.

– XSS is a useful function.

Selenium IDE:-

Selenium IDE is the integrated development atmosphere for Selenium scripts. It is enforced as a Firefox extension, & allows you to record, edit, or debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the completely Selenium Core; allowing you to easily or quickly record & play back tests in the actual environment that they will execute in.

Selenium IDE not only a recording tool:

This is a complete IDE. You can choose to accept its recording capability, and you may edit your scripts by manually. With autocomplete support & the ability to move commands around rapidly, Selenium IDE is the ideal atmosphere for creating Selenium tests nothing what style of tests you opt.

SQL Inject Me:-

SQL Inject “Me is the Exploit” Me tool used to test for a SQL Injection exposures. The tool works through stating your HTML forms & replacing the form of value with string section that are example of an SQL Injection attack.

The creature’s works through sending database get away strings by the form of area. It then looks for d/b error messages that are outcome into the supplied HTML of the page.

The tool does not seeking to compromise by the security of the given scheme. It looks for potential entry points for an onset against the system. There is no packet sniffing, harbor scanning, password hacking and firewall attacks done through the creature.

You can believe of the work done by the creature as the same as the “QA testers” for the site manually entering all these strings into the form fields.

XSS Me:-

XSS-Me is the Exploit Me- tool used to test for ruminated “Cross-Site Scripting” (XSS). It does NOT presently test for stored XSS. The tool works through stating your HTML forms & replacing the form of value with strings that are an example of an XSS attack. If the resulting of an HTML page sets of a particular JavaScript value document. (Vulnerable=true) then the tool points the page as dangerous to the given XSS string. This rnrn tool does not attempting to via media the security of the given scheme (system). It aspects for the possible entry points for assail against the arrangement. There is no harbor scanning, packet sniffing, and password hacking and firewall attacks finished by the creature You can believe of the work done through the tool as the same as the QA testers for the site manually entering all of these strings into the form fields.

Access Me:-

The current edition of “Access-Me” is an “Exploit-Me” tool are used to test some access exposures related to applications. The tool works by sending several edition of the end page request. A request with the session is removed and will be sent. Request using the HTTP HEAD verb & a request using a created up SECCOM verb will be sent. A combination of session & HEAD or SECCOM will also be sent.

Page Validator:-

Validates page is using for the W3C instruction Validation Service. Adds on an alternate to the right-click circumstance menu & to the creature menu to allow for easy establishment of the current page. Open the outcome in a newer tab. This is a simple extension service that will work only for on-line pages.

Note: The W3C Markup Validation facility now allows you to validate backside a site secured with HTAccess through allowing you to login for it.

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