Unproductive Applications of 2016

  1. Unproductive applications

What is unproductive?

Not able to produce a large amount of goods, products, and other wares.

Few of results are predictable, like social networks like Facebook or you tubes taking the top fields. But the other results displays us change in the working dynamics, for e.g., that Gmail is marked as the top of unproductive applications.

Some Social Media’s is dominating on our work lives:

In the unproductive term, five of those are social networking-sites. First is the Facebook, it is the indisputable leader of unproductive time spent at the work. Together, the time spent on social networks sites for about half-of-all of the unproductive time spent at the works.

As the social media, it takes an increasingly big role in our daily lives; it is more relevant than ever those companies consider their policies on the social media. One side of the discussion maintains that time spent on the social media is wasting the company’s time, & therefore company’s money. And the other side of the discussion considers the web surfing on social-media as a necessary break throughout the day, says that the employees can’t be expected to be continuous engaged or productive.

Email is no longer as considered as the productive

The facts of that enough people have designated the emails as unproductive app’s is the telling sign. It is used to be that being in the email was a symbol of the productivity. While it’s a helpful resource for communications, & can at the times be very productive, recent tendencies in workplace are showing the people’s addictions for emails, continuous checking, and etc. The latest productivity specialists suggest that the constant email checking is the habit that decreases the productivity, it as the pulls out of the certain tasks, & you are not left with the long enough stretch of time to pit into your works. The Productivity expert says that 80 percent of those emails are the waste of time, bringing the no value for company. Suggestions & the best case practices offers the creating a habit to limits for the email checking time for some times per day or working on them in the batch. Other suggestion suggests avoiding the email is the first thing in morning; or rather tackling the days is the most important tasks right off bat.

Few researches shows that of those employees, who use the social media throughout the day produce the same amounts of outcomes as those who do not, due for mental break that it allows, & the resulting inspiration of the productivity that occurs from the rested mind.

Videos’ watching at work is a thing

Acc. to the study, 64 percent of the employees watch the videos at work. Our collected information shows that within top unproductive app’s you will find you-tube, Netflix or Hulu. This brings the videos watching at work to 23 percent of all of the wasted time.

Similar for the discussions on social media usages, breaking or relaxation is the necessary portion of working days for rest of the mind, so that the employees is able for return to their works at the higher level of productivity.

Food for thinking:

It is up for you, how you manage the time or build the habits. The manager and business-owners will have for decided on the policy on social-media’s, email communications or recess time at works.

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