Utilization of Issue Tracking System in the Organizations

  1. Issue Tracking System

What are the uses of Hosted Solution in Issue Tracking System?

There are mainly two types of issues tracking solutions present in the organization:

  • Premises-based Solution
  • Hosted Solution

In an organization, issues regarding hardware, software and network connectivity are handled by the premise-based solutions. The Premise-based solution helps to create backups for continuity in the processes.

The infrastructure and management workload can be transferred to the specialist team by the hosted solution. Issue tracking system helps the managers to manage their projects without any problems on the project framework.

The hosted Solution helps to avoid the huge investments on infrastructure, system management, and maintenance. It also helps to provide the online issue tracking services to the customers at the economical rate. So, the manager can receive the responsibility of the issue tracking system at low development and maintenance cost.

Hosted Solution provides Security and Control:

Hosted solution has concerns about securities to the company infrastructures and records. The design of hosted solution helps to provide secure services to the customers.

The major role of security and control is providing the security to the information. Issue tracking system provides redundant database server for security reason and also creates backups of all records.

The data security information of the issue tracking system:

The organization mostly searching for hosted solution for considering the vendors may offer the “carrier grade” network. The carrier grade network is more reliable for secure information.

The redundant network which is connected by the web server farm is provided 99 % of the reliable network for transfer the confidential data. For securing the server failure, issue tracking solution has arranged the servers in pairs or clusters.

Due to the presence of server clusters, failure detection can easily detect the failure of network or the software. With the help of cluster servers, customers can access services through the server without any distribution. 

Why the organization chooses the hosted solution instead of the Premise-based solution for issue tracking system?

The Premise-based solution demands unnecessary costs for responsibilities which become burdens on the organizations. Whereas Hosted issue tracking system provides the State-of-the-Art solution at low costs to the organizations.

There are lots of benefits of Hosted Solution:

  • Hosted solution provides services at low costs to the organizations.
  • Hosted solution does not require any maintenance for better performance.
  • It provides high security to the server database, network and information.
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