Ways to Name Your Freelance Business

The new names are bestowed on them for reflects their achievements or life-experience. Names we’re given become an integral component of the identities. It same is true for the business. Neuro-science research shows, we develop an affective bonds with the brands or brand names just as, we do with the friends. Luckly there’re conventions you can follow that take stress-out of choosing the business name.

To several freelancers, naming the business can be a little process that takes only a few-minutes. You name’s the business after yourself. Using the own name gives the business personal-touch. Through using an own name, you shows the clients they will be working with just one person, who’ll give his and her best for the project.

Another reason you may be better off taking time for craft a formal business name includes:

  • You work a day work that requires you to maintain a low public-profile.
  • You’ve an un-usual name that is difficult for pronounce and spell.
  • You are sure that you plan for grow the business into an agency & that you want to sell the business in future.
  • A .com or .net domains to your actual name are taken.

Advantages of using the own name:

  • Using the own name makes the company personal or transparent:

Peoples hate interacting with the huge-corporations. There is nothing more-annoying than never being eligible to get the hold of person you needs for when you needs to.

  • Using own name allows you for appear affordable:

If-you want to make sure the potential clients do not get any mixed messaging, just stick with the own-name.

Disadvantage of using the own name is that, it reveals to-clients that you are just a single person outfit. Too few potential-clients this can look fewer professionals.

  • Using the own name can creates confusions in future:

If you, plan for grow the business to involve the other employees, using the own-name could get confusing.

  • Using the own name can make you seem in-experienced:

Unfortunately, few people associate small feel using the own name can create with incapability to perform.

  • Using the own name can make it too personal:

Using business name for the freelance company can create a fictitious barrier between you & your clients.

Choose a Brand Name:

  • Choose name that reflects services you offer:

To instance, if you are a freelance-web-designer, word “design”, “media”, “creative” and something-similar should be the business-name in.

  • Try using an idea quota:

Force yourself to come up with hundred name’s ideas in a single sitting. Write down every idea you have, no matter how mediocre.

Build business name advantages:

  • Using the businesses’ name enables you for charge-more:

The business-name makes’ you sound more experienced & more dedicated for the design work you do. Because of that, it’s possible the clients are willing for pay the higher rates than, if you give off a single man show-aura.

  • Using business name can makes you more marketable:

This is a lot easier to separate the personal life from own professional life, when you’ve a unique business-name.

  • Using a business name can make you seem experienced:

Using business-name makes you seem well established or experienced, so individual could be more likely for hire & trust you.

  • Using a business name allows for growth:

If you-plan for hire the employees, choosing name that can grow along with the business is right solution to you.


  • Using a business can make it impersonal:

Just using the personal-name as a business name can makes the designer-clients relationships too personal, using the business-name can make it too-impersonal. Several peoples want to know they’ve someone they can rely at to answer their questions & resolve their concerns’. If you-decides for choose the unique business-name, make sure your marketing-materials boast available & personal-attention.

  • Using the business can be less-memorable:

In the addition for remembering name of their designers your clients will’ve to remember a name of the company, whenever they receives-invoices from you, and recommend you for other potential-clients. It could be worth it to’ve them remember just one name yours.




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