What are 10 most important “pillars” in Project Management?

  1. What are 10 most important “pillars” in Project Management

Project Management means to organize, to plan, to use the available resources in a judicious manner for achieving goal. Practically, for achieving success in an organization task, two factors are important; one is to minimize waste and second is to improve quality. The success of any project depends on 3 sides of a triangle which are scope, cost and time besides above two factors. Scope is related to the life of project in future, cost refers to budget and available financial resources and time is the time period required for project completion. For achieving better project management, and to raise one’s performance, a balance is essential between these components. Every project/Project Management of any size (big or small) requires these key components to achieve its objective. The pillars are described as: 1. Have an eye on scope (Scope management): As before choosing a career one makes a search for its scope so that the career can give him fruitful results, similarly the case is with project. For the success of the project, it is important for one to know about its scope, quantity and quality of what needed. One should have a clear vision for it. Better understanding of what desired that is what should be the required outcome. 2. Cost Estimation (Cost Management): For the successful running of the month, a family sees to its budget. Similarly for the success of the project, we must have an estimation of the budget as per its scope, so that at a later stage it should not produce any difficulty. For efficiently running, it must be estimated beforehand depending on the past experience. 3. Managing Time (Time Management): Completing project within the deadline enhance the effectiveness of project management. After calculating scope and the capacity of the members of your organization, you can predict, how much time can be allocated for the project completion. Dividing the project and subdividing the project levels among the team and team members, a proper time management can be achieved. 4. Project Tracking: Our customer is happy with us only when our project is standing on quality as per the time and money spent on it. A project plan must be made as to reduce cost and time without compromising with quality required. 5. Reporting: Continuous Reporting need to be done based on the scope, time, and cost to the project managers. Continuous reporting will lead to know that the project is going in right direction. Hiring just the project managers for the construction of the excellence of the project management is not enough, it requires more than that. What it is? These are environment, standard processes and tools required for achieving success. 6. Strong and effective PM’s:  The first task need to complete is to know what the goal of your Project Management (PM) is. The seniors must provide appropriate training for it. 7. Environment:   Environment plays a key role in one’s growth. If you want your project managers to succeed, then they must be equipped with proper environment. Good environment, good Project management. 8. Generating liability:  If you are not liable than setting the quantity of goals is of no use. Senior Management is responsible for setting their project management excellence, because they are those who set targets/goals. They must regularly take the project reviews. Through this customers not only get satisfied but also your employee will improve and bring success repeatedly. If there is no liability, then it results in  poor Project Management (PM). 9. Communication: Poor communication is the cause of fail of various projects. For better understanding of client’s requirements, good communication is required. Any problem or an issue must be communicated properly, openly. This can be done through email, meetings or any other possible method. Poor communication will result in bad Project Management. 10. Quality Analysis: Before delivering project to the customer, an analysis must be made for the delivery of the quality of the project .Sometimes best projects fail due to unchecking it before delivery. Therefore, it must be done for accuracy. If all the projects are done in this manner, surely it will increase its performance. Scopidea is one of the best project management tool required now a days ensures you with all the above factors to withstand.

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