What is Agile and Why the Project Manager chooses Agile??

First f all, I will tell you about agility? This means the power of moving or making changes quickly or giving conclusion quicker  to adopt changes  which help the business to adopt things quickly as possible in this rapidly changing market condition. So that they can grab the changing opportunities quickly for the better growth of the business. Agile also works in the same way.  Agile is the biggest word in today’s IT industry, which helps the project manager to run a project in a systematic and effective way. Agile is just an incremental, iterative improvement in the project development process which helps the developer an
d tester to  release the project in different sprint and the project is delivered in different stage, which helps developers to get the feedback from customers and agile testers that how the software is running and if an issue comes it can be rectified at the earliest stage of an agile process. Which helps in reducing  the cost of fixing it not like in traditional method where the bug is rectified in the later stage and the cost of fixing it, is more in that  time.

Agile gives the ability to respond to change in a more effective way for the better growth of the project. Agile is the most booming word for IT companies this process helps the developer to work stress-free and it helps to reduce cost and time which can be used for other productive works. And as this helps to involve the customer in the process to get the live feedback from them so that it can be improved in the next sprint process of Agile development. This also helps in better customer collaboration about the project and getting the result faster than traditional methods.

Example like your company got the project of building a flyover and that’s the very complex project to handle, because in making flyover you need to handle the traffic and divert different roads to manage the smooth running of the road. In flyover construction project agile plays an important role. While making the flyover if you are making it in different stage or you can say different agile sprint it will work faster. Like you start the construction and you start that from the two sides, but before that you have made the service road to divert the route of a vehicle this is important  so that traffic will not hamper your work. Then in the first agile sprint, you ready one-way route then allows the vehicle to move by that that will give you the traffic relief and test on the road. Then in the next agile sprint make another side road. This will help you to construct the flyover without any hurdle and it will finish faster. This how agile works.

Reasons To Do Agile

Revenue: This helps to generate the revenue faster due to its incremental, iterative improvement of the process because as soon as the product reaches the market it starts giving you the revenue of it.

Speed-to-market:  Due to the regular release to the market  researcher calculates it 80% faster than the traditional method.

Quality: In the agile development, testing works like a quality checker in the complete development process which helps to maintain the high quality of the software in the complete development process.

Risk Management: Small improvement in each sprint helps to find any bugs or issue in the early stage which helps adopt the changes easily. And can avoid the risk from the later stage.

Cost Control: Fixed time scale and requirement in each sprint of agile have their own fixed budget which helps to reduce the cost waste material or any extra resource this helps in reducing the cost of fixing issues at a later stage as every sprint cycle is reviewed first so that any bug find can be fixed in early stage to avoid the more fixing cost later.

Right Product: With the help of, above all, the point it helps the team to deliver the right product to the customer  as per their needs at the right time when they need that.

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