What is Bug tracking and advantage of web bug tracking??

  1. Advantage of a web bug tracker

The Bug is the error or fault that comes in the developing cycle of the software which stops the software. Bug tracking is the tool which helps the tester to identify the bug easily from the running software and helps to report it to the development team so that they can fix it as soon as possible for the smooth running of the software project. In the previous traditional method people used to track bug and report it too but that was more informal way they do it and takes lot of time in just sharing the information with the help of different tool and by that communication method of sharing things takes too long to reply and there was no clear understanding of it things that create confusion and misunderstanding and loss of time and resources and always delay in the project from the deadline and by this company have to face heavy losses. But now as technology is changing and things are getting improved bug tracking tools also have some advancement in it. Like now in bug tracking tool all developers and the testing team can work on the same platform and can share things easily this saves time and the cost to the company and helps in better communication.

Example how bug tracking tool work Like you are working for the medical software development then and you are using web bug tracking tool then first developer will develop the project in the first stage then he will give that part to testing team to check and verify things then tester will check each and every functionality of the software that everything is working fine or not then if he finds any bug in the software he will report that to developer with the complete information about bug that where it found and what is the bug related to and sent that information from the same platform and then developer will get the notification of it that bug is reported then he will check that and fix it and sent the same notification of it to testing team in the same bug tracking tool so that tester can verify that again this is how it works and due to working on the same stage the communication becomes easy and clear to understand which helps in reducing the time and the stress from the employee and can work more efficiently and in a systematic manner.

Advantages of a web bug tracker

A web bug tracker offers maximum performance

Everybody knows that web application is faster than a desktop application that’s the reason web bug tracker works faster. All you just need a good internet speed to enhance your speed in the work. In the desktop application if a load of data in the software is more than it will work slowly and hangs your computer and slow down your work speed. But in web tracker, you can load as much data as you want it will work fast always and improve your performance.

A web bug tracker is more secure than any desktop application

In desktop application there is always an insecurity of data theft or losing the information from the system but in web bug tracker everything is saved and secure because in web app you need secure, log in details to work on by this your data will be safe and secure and then there is no chance of loosing your information and as they will be using unique details to log in and this will help to identify that who has viewed or who has made the changes.

The web bug tracker application can integrate with development tools

This is the best and the important part that you can integrate with development tool which helps to share information easily and better communication among the team, which helps in effective result in the project and as you are sharing the same platform then communication will be easy and reduce the time in the project which helps you to give more productive work.

Web bug trackers are certified

All web bug tracking applications are certified that gives the assurance of the security. And if you want to use any third party application with this app you can only use those who follow their strict rules of guidelines that are the main security.

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