What is Bug Tracking and Its Best Practices

A bug is an error that comes while developing the software. A bug is a programming issue that comes in software when some features of that software stop working or creating errors in the software that is called a bug.  Bug finding is done by the testing team first the software is developed to then testing team will check the software like its features that everything is working as per design or not if its bug and testing team will report that bug to a developer with the complete notes of it then the developer will fix that. Testing is like a quality check of the software which checks the complete functionality of the software before its release. Bug report by the testing team should be very specific and that should be done with the detailed notes about the bug so that it will be easy for a developer to find that and fix it. Bug tracking tools help a tester and developer in better communication and collaboration as they both work on the same platform where they can easily share information with each other in effective ways. Bug tracking helps the company to know the flaws of the software before its release so that the customer doesn’t face any issue later in that software.

Example like XYZ company is working for game software development. So the first developer will develop the software then testing team check its functionality and features are working the way it was designed or not if not. Then tester will make the report of the bug that where he got that in which functionality complete notes about it, then send the email to the development team to fix it this is a very time-consuming process. But in the same case if a company is using a bug tracking tool, then developer and tester will work on the same platform like first the developer will develop the software then tester will check the software that it is working fine or not if not, then he will make a bug report and forward it to developing team and as they are working on the same tool so tester need to forward and they will get quicker response for it. This fills the communication gap between them helps to save time and get the positive result faster.

There are two types of bug tracking tool first is installing bug tracking software this software you need to install in the computer from which you want to use this software you can run this software only on those computers, in which this is installed like if want this software for your team then you need to install that in each team member system. Second is web based bug tracking tool in this new techno world web-based bug tracking is very useful as it doesn’t require any installation, you just need system and internet connection and you can start working. This is very beneficial for remote workers or freelancers as they can work from anywhere, anytime and they will be connected with the team easily this fills the communication gap between the remote workers and team working with them.

Best practices for bug tracking

UNIFIED BUG TRACKING: Developer and tester should work on the same tool and software with the same methodology because this will help to work step by step in proper systematic ways this helps to avoid the communication gap within the team.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Bug tracking tool should be simple and easy to use because it helps the team to work more effectively not like in complex tool where the team is struggling in the software which leads to waste of time and project failure. If it’s easy to use will motivate them and focus on the main task. Overloaded tracking tool frustrates employee and they start overlooking the task.

CAPTURE REPORT DATA: Bug tracking tool helps to capture the data which helps manager and team to make report work accordingly. And as the application is set up it records the data date reported, organizational data and user data. These recorded report can be used as a knowledge base for the same future projects or any relevant projects.

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