What is Issue Tracking And its Advantages

Issue tracking

Issue Tracking is a software that helps the company or developer to record a different type of error that occurs while developing any software. This type of software keeps the record of all the errors and keep the follow up of that error and send notification till it is not resolved. Issue tracking is mainly used for customer support company or any product or service based company because this software helps company to to record the issue raised by the customer and They assigned to the agent to resolved the issue as soon as possible and until the time it is not resolved the customer ticket will show as open in the name of that person who is working on it and as soon as the issue is resolved it will be closed.

example like Xyz company is selling their different product online and one of their customer buy mobile from their website after few days customer received the product and later in few more days that mobile stops working and that point customer calls in to the company and tells that he buys the mobile phone a few days back and now its stop working Then the agent from the company side see the details of the customer like purchase date product warranty and all and he came to know that this product was sold a few days back and as per the company rule he created the issue under customer name and send it to the relevant department  and he informed the customer regarding  the same that as per the company rules your phone will be replaced within 7 working days. But the customer still not received the phone after 7 days, then customer again give a call back and tells the issue to the agent and agent fetch the records of customer with the relevant notes of each department by reading that note he came to know that customer will receive the product very next day he informed the customer same things . And next day as soon as the product delivers  the relevant department update the notes and closed the case this how issue tracking works in some e-commerce company.

Advantage of Issue Tracking Software

One shared central location: Keep all the issue in one place helps to find when required. Don’t need to worry about email bugs that you have saved if that is accidentally deleted because issue tracking keeps all the record in software and provides regular notification to check each error so that you will not forget that error to remove.

Accountability: Issue tracking helps to check that who is working on which error and when he will be finishing that work with all the proper notes from them.

Permissions: Issue tracking gives you the full security that whom you want to show the error or not. It helps when you want to show the limited error to your client and rest in the safe hands. It depends on whom you want to give permission to see those errors.

Workflow and notifications: By keeping every from the team in the loop it helps to check the status and know about the next step who is responsible. And it gives all the notification of all updates in the error.

Paper trails: Issue tracking system helps you if want to check the previous updates or review the last solved error from the past you can check that too because it is permanently logged in the software. And you can see who has worked on it and how they have completed the task with all the proper notes.

No traffic cops: If your team is using emails for solving errors with a different team then it will be a big mess for the team to reply on each mail solve the issue send it each member of the team. But with the issue tracking you can remove this hurdle from your way, just you need to update your notes and everyone else can see that this helps to consume time and stress-free work.

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