What is time management and Secrets to Know About Time Management?

  1. Time management

Time is the most value able things if you value your time then time will value you as we say time is money so if you value your time then time will give you more benefits in terms of money. Sometimes we let go things and waste time on unwanted things and we don’t realize that the value of time at that moment, but later we thought that, may we have utilized that time before instead of wasting but time once gone will not return again. So we should use time as best as you can and be more productive  to earn more benefit. Time management helps in planning, controlling and executing of your time in a better and effective way so that you can best utilize your time. Time management is just like tool which works like a back bone in managing your time in a better way. It can be used by groups and individual. Many companies use it to manage their project time or to manage their employee working hours. In this new techno world, there is much software to track the time, which helps to how productive you were at that time and how you have spent that time.

Example like if you are using time tracking software to track your time then how that tracker works for you like XYZ company wants to track his employee working time then employee will login in the tracker with his details and tracker will start recording his time things that he will do in that time will be recorded and as soon as he logout it will stop so in the end management will have clear picture that what work he has done with all his working details and how productive he has used his time same goes for the individual as well.

Secrets About Time Management

You can’t manage time, you can only manage yourself

You have only 24hours in the day. So instead of focusing on finding system, making lists what to do and finding tools, first focus on managing yourself.  If you can manage yourself in the correct way, then you can manage time and you can focus on the list you have made.

Too much to do” and “Not enough time” are victim words

These are the words which demotivate you and making yourself off the path in managing yourself. Don’t make yourself a victim of it. Yes, there is not enough time to complete things, but get used to it don’t let these things hamper your current work or yourself.

Too many priorities mean no priorities

Priorities mean few tasks that need to be done next or first and if you have too many priorities then it means you don’t have anyone. So set only a few top priorities that need attention first not all of them.

The more priorities you have, the less you will accomplish

Less priorities will be easy to finish, but if have many priorities set, then it will create a mess and will not able to finish anyone and you will be just jumping on things and try to complete it but you can’t do that. So don’t create a mess in your work set a few priorities  which you can complete it and that don’t hamper your current work too.

Your to-do lists are crazy

First, analyze your to-do list and calculate how much time will be taken by each task to complete. If the total time exceeds the given available time, then don’t try to shrink things in numbers because that will not help still that time will be exceeded. So focus on the to do list make only a few items which you can complete it in the given time or available time don’t make your to-do list crazy because that will only create a mess and hamper your work.

Your to-do lists are incomplete

Many times it happens that you have created your list to do work and calculate things accordingly but still, it is incomplete. This happens because you have only 24hours a day and you calculate your time to do the task without including the different task of your daily routine or things that come at urgent basis like time to sleep, relax, exercise, eat and ETC. We always forget to add this time when we are calculating the time for our to do list which creates a mess and incomplete tasks.

It’s time to accept the fact that you won’t finish everything

If you believe that you can finish the task or you have to. Then that will make you ineffective and more frustrated. As long as you deny the fact that you can’t finish everything the longer it will help you to take tough decisions about your priorities.

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