What is Time tracker and Reason to Track Time

Use of time tracker

Time tracker is a software that helps to record the time of the work you performed. Time is most precious things once gone it will not come back again so you should know how you are spending your time what is the outcome you are getting by that or how productive you are using your time. Time tracker helps to record the work or task you are doing in that particular task. It is important for both individuals, groups or for any company. If you know how you’re spending your time, then you can plan your work accordingly, which will help you with the best result of your task or for any work you perform. Time tracker is just a software which gives you the platform to record your work time easily without any hassle.
Example like you’re working at home and you don’t have time tracker software and you are manually keeping records of your time like in making sticky notes saving it to the different sheet or making the notepad in the computer which very time-consuming and very hassle and theft of data loss or sheet forgotten or delete the file. But in time tracker software you just need to login in the tracker and it will automatically record your each activity and saved it for you in the system with any hassle this saves your time and this saved time you can utilize in more productive work rather wasting it in handling different document which helps in more revenue of your time because time is money if you utilize in an efficient manner you will earn more for your living.

Reasons you should track time

Time is very precious, and it’s very important when you have very less time to do all the work, then you should know how to manage that. You can only do that when you’re tracking your time. It will just not help you in how much time you spend, but it will help you to know how much time is left to finish the task.

Makes us realize the truth: how many times we used the word just two minutes and will be finished, but actually we know that it will take more than that example, like our friend gives us call that in how much time you will be reaching we always says less time that 5 to 10 minutes but actually it takes 30 minutes to reach. But time tracker helps to realize the truth that how much time it will take it gives the actual figure of time to finish the task or time remaining to finish it.

Gives us clear objectives: Because when a specific time is set, it gives the clear picture of the objective that needs to be achieved. It gives the clear picture so that you avoid the stretching time and you will be more focus to complete the task on time. And like if you are working on the task and you came to know that it will take more than estimated or less time than estimated, you can change the time schedule accordingly so that you can utilize in the best way.

Gives us valuable information for estimates: Time tracker also helps in estimating the cost should be incurred like the new website is same as the previous one that you have worked on and the amount you have calculated is 40k but while checking the time tracker previous record that this type of website will be 50k. So with the help of time tracker previous record, you came to know the cost can be incurred before time otherwise it can you the loss to you.

Help us to analyze results and make important decisions:  Time tracker helps analyze the result at the end of the task because it provides us the complete report of the task that how we have spent time what work we have done and what is the result of it. That works like an eye opener at the end of the task that what is the actual result. It helps you to check your mistake and clear picture that how you can improve that in your next time to better utilize your time.

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