Document Management System



Document Management SystemThe Scopidea Document Management System (DMS) makes it easy for you to manage all your files in one place. It’s a solution that integrates with Google Drive, One Drive and Drop Box for convenient collaboration.

Scopidea Document Management System(DMS) manage you all file at one place. Scopidea provide document management solution integrated with Google Drive, One Drive and Drop Box.

Users can upload, download and share drive files inside the Scopidea file management software.

The DMS allows creating, editing, and modifying content right in the solution itself for convenience. Scopidea offers the top document management software on the market so your business can handle your main office documents effectively.

Feature of Document management system

Structured content: Provide a unique folder structure to organize and structure content.

E-mail Update: Get automatically notified via email when something has changed.

File Management: Upload and download, create zip of any file as an attachment using your browser.

Version control: All changes to pages and attachments are tracked. Retrieve previous page revisions and differences thereof. Find out who changed what and when.

Access Management: User base access management. Read and write file access restrictions based on users (Add,Edit ,Delete and Download).

Set expiration date for document: After a document expires it’s not visible with the shared person.

Data Search: Lucene indexation for quick search for file or data.

Share Document: Team member and client, Share document through email.

Drive Integration: Integrate all your cloud drives (Google Drive, Onedrive , Dropbox and Box) in one place for convenience.


Keep Your Company Organized

One of the most difficult challenges remote companies have to overcome is organizing all the different files that they make use of. During the course of a day, most companies generate dozens of different documents that all have to be sorted out and kept track of. With a document management system this is an easier process, especially with a solution as streamlined as what’s offered by Scopidea. It brings all the files together in the cloud so that every user has access to important documents and they can be stored in a neat and orderly way. Work together to establish an organization hierarchy and your

Speed up the Work Cycle

It’s common for multiple workers to manipulate a single file before it’s finished. An engineer might add important specifications to a document that will be clarified and improved upon by a writer and finally polished by an editor and made ready for presentation by a graphic designer. Each of these workers needs to access the file, and they can all do so through the document management system. The file can remain in the same place throughout this process, and each worker will know where to get it when they need to do their portion of the job. That’s the type of simplicity that the Scopedia file management system hopes to achieve.