Free Project Management Tools

Scopidea is a free online project management solution tailored to small businesses and individuals. The moment you sign up to Scopidea you’re organization gets access for 5 different users. It’s a fast solution to bring the team together and help managers keep track of exactly what’s going on at the company.
This project management tool is free for up to 5 users for as long as you want to use it. That means your company could literally benefit from the solution for years after Sign-up. It’s the only cloud-based project management tool that’s completely free to use for so many users. That’s precisely why it’s an excellent company solution.
No credit card is necessary when signing up for this free online project management solution. Payment is only necessary if you decide that you want to manage more than 5 users at a time, in which case there are paid plans to accommodate most company needs.
If you’ve been looking for a tool suite to help you master the project management process Scopidea could be just the thing for you. It’s simple to put into place and designed to help you get your small business going without it costing you anything.