Issues Tracking

Scopidea is a complete project management software solution. Project management is known by many different names. Issue Tracking Systems, Trouble Tracking Systems, Bug Tracking Systems, Defect Tracking Tools, Requirements Tracking Systems, etc; however, their purpose remains the same: collecting requirements, managing problems, and tracking their progress.

Scopidea provides a free bug tracking system for software development projects. Scopidea is a web-based project management software with a flexible look and feel. Our solution is made to help developers, testers and project manager work closely and build great applications.

Issue Tracking System

Where issue tracking systems help?

When there are constantly new requirements coming, tools are necessary, which would allow somebody too fully and easily:

  • Share the information across the team;
  • Have an instant overview of the state of the software.
  • Expertly decide about releasing.
  • Set and update the importance of individual fixes and adjustments.
  • Have a recorded history of changes.
  • Improve the quality of software.
  • Increase satisfaction of users and customers.
  • Ensure requests accountability.
  • Improve communication in the team and also to customers.
  • Increase of productivity of the team.
  • Reduce expenses.

Enhance Software Faster

Bug tracking is a difficult process but a highly important one. At the end of the software development cycle your team will mostly be working as testers to try and find all the issues with your solution. Sure they won’t locate all of them, but each time they come across a problem it’s important for them to have a place to document it where the software engineers will have access to that information. The Scopedia bug tracking tool lets users put all those important problems right in one central location so that the team can tackle the problems one at a time and fix the issues fast.

Get on Top of Nasty Bugs

Many bugs aren’t that big of an issue to your software and some could even be left in the solution when shipping it to customers, but that’s not always the case. It’s important to have a good tool for bug tracking so that you can identify those nasty bugs that keep your software from functioning properly. Once they’re identified your team can prioritize the most damaging problems first and make sure that the software is made ready to go as soon as possible. When working with tight shipping deadlines it’s important to take care of issues as soon as possible, and sometimes that means letting a few minor bugs slip through the cracks to keep the major ones from ever making it out into the public.

Our free bug tracking solution can help you stay on top of any problems that the software faces from the beginning. As you’re trying to work through all the problems you encounter with your software in the final development phase, it’s important to carefully document all your problems and their fixes as the team rights the software. Not only will those records help you spot future problems in the software, but some of your solutions might help with future product launches as well.