Issues Tracking

Scopidea is a complete project management software solution. Project management is known by many different names. Issue Tracking Systems, Trouble Tracking Systems, Bug Tracking Systems, Defect Tracking Tools, Requirements Tracking Systems, etc; however, their purpose remains the same: collecting requirements, managing problems, and tracking their progress.

Scopidea provides a free bug tracking system for software development projects. Scopidea is a web-based project management software with a flexible look and feel. Our solution is made to help developers, testers and project manager work closely and build great applications.

Issue Tracking System
Where issue tracking systems help?When there are constantly new requirements coming, tools are necessary, which would allow somebody too fully and easily:

  • Share the information across the team;
  • Have an instant overview of the state of the software.
  • Expertly decide about releasing.
  • Set and update the importance of individual fixes and adjustments.
  • Have a recorded history of changes.
  • Improve the quality of software.
  • Increase satisfaction of users and customers.
  • Ensure requests accountability.
  • Improve communication in the team and also to customers.
  • Increase of productivity of the team.
  • Reduce expenses.

Enhance Software Faster

Bug tracking is a difficult process but a highly important one. At the end of the software development cycle your team will mostly be working as testers to try and find all the issues with your solution. Sure they won’t locate all of them, but each time they come across a problem it’s important for them to have a place to document it where the software engineers will have access to that information. The Scopedia bug tracking tool lets users put all those important problems right in one central location so that the team can tackle the problems one at a time and fix the issues fast.

Get on Top of Nasty Bugs

Many bugs aren’t that big of an issue to your software and some could even be left in the solution when shipping it to customers, but that’s not always the case. It’s important to have a good tool for bug tracking so that you can identify those nasty bugs that keep your software from functioning properly. Once they’re identified your team can prioritize the most damaging problems first and make sure that the software is made ready to go as soon as possible. When working with tight shipping deadlines it’s important to take care of issues as soon as possible, and sometimes that means letting a few minor bugs slip through the cracks to keep the major ones from ever making it out into the public.

Our free bug tracking solution can help you stay on top of any problems that the software faces from the beginning. As you’re trying to work through all the problems you encounter with your software in the final development phase, it’s important to carefully document all your problems and their fixes as the team rights the software. Not only will those records help you spot future problems in the software, but some of your solutions might help with future product launches as well.

Online Document Management system

Scopidea Document management system (DMS) is online document management system that allows users to create, edit, or modify their content.  It holds onto accurate information for the date the document was created, modification dates and modifiers names during the upload process.

This online project management tool includes processes for capturing and maintaining evidence and information about business activities and transactions in detailed records.

The tool is a good all-around solution for businesses looking for a more effective way to keep track of documents and store them all in one location. This file management system is worth considering if you’re trying to bring more organization to your business.

Document management has been named differently: DMS (Document Management Systems), Cloud Document Management System, Online Document Management, File Management system and Content Management System.

Features of DMS

FIND: Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours with this file management tool.

Preview: Preview documents in your browser, No need to download every time

SHARE: Allow more than one worker access to the same document at the same time.

VERSION CONTROL: Version control gives you the ability to manage document changes and revisions

SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files.

AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents.

ARCHIVING: Set retention periods for documents, and schedule archival or removal processes with this file management system.

Invoice and Estimate

The Scopidea online project management solution includes a tool for handling invoicing tasks. Now you can spend more time growing your business and less dealing with paperwork. When you work with this free online project management tool you can send custom invoices to your customers in seconds and save time. Our solution helps you make invoices and estimates for clients in minutes. You can create everything that you need to appear professional and take care of all your billing and invoicing tasks.

Why use this?

  • Simple, beautiful and user friendly
  • Able to create invoice and estimate
  • Able to send recurring invoice
  • Customize according to your need
  • Able to manage separately, your work and home expense invoice
  • Mobile friendly
  • All type of your expense report for paid, unpaid and draft

A Beautiful Solution

The Scopidea management system is designed to create beautiful invoices that are simple and clear. They’re customizable and designed to appear professional no matter how you make them look.

Highly Capable

The invoicing capabilities in these project planning tools are flexible and powerful. They allow recurring invoices for regular customers. They also make it easy to handle invoicing on the go with your mobile device. You’ll always know who has paid and unpaid expenses when using this tracking software, and customers will see you as a professional business as soon as the invoice shows up.

Event and Meeting Management

Staying on top of important meetings, events and appointments is vital for a professional business. When using our project planning tools you’ll enjoy integration with Google Calendar event and meeting software. It’s robust and simple to use. Not only that but the solution is compatible with mobile devices and will be easy to take with you wherever you go.

Multiple Views

Google Calendar is a robust time tracker tool that comes with multiple view options. You can choose to view the calendar by day, week, month. In most of the views Google Calendar allows you to schedule appointments or events with a simple click-and-drag interface. It’s simple to use and just the thing that you need to organize your company and all your important engagements.

Detailed Event and Meeting Tracking

You can block out time in half-hour increments by clicking and dragging down the appropriate day. Google Calendar then prompts you to fill in details about the appointment so you know exactly what each mark is for. You can keep appointments simple with just a subject header, or you can expand your entries with more details. You can include a location for the appointment and a short description, which is really important when you travel frequently for business.

Google Calendar has customizable reminders so you will never forget a meeting, appointment, assignment, or Task. You choose to receive your event reminders via SMS messages, emails, or popups within Google Calendar itself. It’s a robust solution that pairs nicely with our online project management product suite. You’ll be able to keep track of all your important appointments and events while making the most of the rest of our software tools right alongside the advanced Google tracking solution.

Time Tracking

The Scopidea Time Tracker is a unique time tracking solution that offers useful functions companies need. It allows employers to record time and capture activity using screenshots at regular intervals. All this information is stored and displayed under the user activity section right there for you to see. All the information is tracked and stored categorically under headings like customers, projects and tasks so your time expenditures are right there for you to see. The system allows your employees to enter time manually or to use the automatic tracking solution.

The Scopidea Time tracker is a perfect solution for a single Freelancer or a small team of workers. Any number of users can make use of it, and all log their time at the same time.

Time entries can be recorded automatically or entered manually and then stored away for later use.

Time tracking is known by several names including time entry, time recording, time clock, time attendance, time sheet entry and time keeping. Regardless of the terminology our solution will allow you to stay on top of your time consumption and how long your employees are spending on tasks. That’s essential to managing your team properly.



  • Produce weekly time-sheets focused on users or products.
  • See exactly where your employees are spending your time and money.
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and trust
  • Track time easily and automatically
  • Improve project management in an agile based environment
  • Enhance time estimation accuracy
  • Keep staff accountable for their time usage
  • Make work history and task performance records easily accessible.

Time Tracking Features

    • Record time automatically through time tracker app or enter time manually through manual entry and approve hours to manager.
    • Able to capture time, even when not connected to the Internet.
    • Select the project, enter the task and capture the work through snap shot
    • Team Track capture time either 5 min or 10 min according to admin specifications.
    • Add task time to entries to keep a history of what the time was spent on.
    • It captures mouse movements and keyword stock
    • It capture employee snap with system minicam
    • All details are stored in the user activity folder, according to the assigned values.
    • The complete work sheet can be download in PDF or HTML formats. It’s available in daily, weekly and monthly increments.

Keep Employees Accountable

There’s nothing worse than paying employees for a bunch of hours that they never worked. When you use time tracking software to stay on top of your workers you’ll know exactly how many hours they put in for the project so far. That’s helpful when you’re trying to figure out how productive a particular employee is and when you’re trying to assign work to your different employees. Some will work faster than others, and your time-tracking solution will let you know which employees are your most efficient and which can handle more work. Time management tools should help you keep your employees accountable and figure out who your most valuable assets really are.

Use Your Time More Effectively

While it’s nice to stay on top of the activities of your employees, it’s helpful to track your own time as well. Time tracking solutions help you figure out where you are wasting your own time and help you figure out how to optimize your own daily activities. Everyone can improve their workflow and with data from our period tracker you’ll understand where most of your time is going each and every day. Simply go under user activity and use that information to help you figure out how to become even more efficient.

Plan Future Projects More Accurately

When you make it a habit to use our time tracker to keep track of your projects you start to learn how long different tasks actually think. By relying on past records instead of estimating how long a project will take, it’s easy to plan how long a future task is going to take to complete. This will help a project manager remain on task and ensure that the team has enough time to get through all the phases of a new project. Planning is vital to success when working on a large project, and with a period tracker at your disposal you can plan more effectively.