Time Tracking

The Scopidea Time Tracker is a unique time tracking solution that offers useful functionality to companies. It allows employers to record time and capture activity using screenshots at regular intervals. All this information is stored and displayed under the user activity section right there for you to see. All the information is tracked and stored categorically under headings like projects and tasks, so your time expenditures are right there for you to see. The system allows your employees to enter time manually or to use the automatic tracking solution.

The Scopidea Time tracker is a perfect solution for Freelancers or a team of workers. Any number of users can make use of it, and all can log their time at the same time.

Time entries can be recorded automatically or entered manually and then stored away for later use. It saved in the user and admin account.

Time tracking is known by several names, including time entry, time recording, employee Tracking, time clock, time attendance, time sheet entry, and timekeeping. Regardless of the terminology, our solution will allow you to stay on top of your time consumption and how long your employees are spending on tasks. That’s essential to managing your team correctly.


  • Produce weekly time-sheets focused on users or products.
  • See exactly where your employees are spending your time and money.
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and trust
  • Track time easily and automatically
  • Improve project management in an agile-based environment
  • Enhance time estimation accuracy
  • Keep staff accountable for their time usage
  • Make work history and task performance records easily accessible.

Time Tracking Features

  • Record time automatically through a time tracker app or enter time manually through manual entry and approve hours to manager.
  • Able to capture time, even when not connected to the Internet.
  • Select the project, enter the Task and capture the work through snapshot
  • Time Track capture time in each 10 min on random time interval, It can capture 6 screens shot in one hour.
  • During working, employees able to select tasks,so an employer can understand where and what the time ware spent on tasks.
  • It captures mouse movements and keyword stock
  • It captures employee snap with system minicam
  • All details are stored in the user activity folder, according to the assigned values.
  • The complete worksheet can be download in PDF or HTML formats. It’s available in daily, weekly, and monthly increments.

Keep Employees Accountable

There’s nothing worse than paying employees for a bunch of hours that they never worked. When you use time tracking software to stay on top of your workers, you’ll know exactly how many hours they put in for the project so far. That’s helpful when you’re trying to figure out how productive a particular employee is and when you’re trying to assign work to your different employees. Some will work faster than others, and your time-tracking solution will let you know which employees are your most efficient and which can handle more work. Time management tools should help you keep your employees accountable and figure out who your most valuable assets.

Use Your Time More Effectively

While it’s nice to stay on top of the activities of your employees, it’s helpful to track your own time as well. Time tracking solutions help you figure out where you are wasting your own time and help you figure out how to optimize your own daily activities. Everyone can improve their workflow, and with data from our time tracker, you’ll understand where most of your time is going every day. Go under user activity and use that information to help you figure out how to become even more efficient.

Plan Future Projects More Accurately

When you make it a habit to use our time tracker to keep track of your projects, you start to learn how long, different tasks taken. By relying on records instead of estimating how long a project will take, it’s easy to plan how long a future task is going to take to complete. This will help a project manager remain on Task and ensure that the team has enough time to get through all the phases of a new project. Planning is vital to success when working on a large project, and with a period tracker at your desktop, you can plan more effectively.

Tracker Reminder

Scopidea Time tracker has a unique reminder feature that you can set for 10,30,45 and 60 min. This reminder will help the employee during working to keep fit and stay healthy. Users can customize reminder text as per requirement and need.

By default, Time tracker reminder employee in every 10 min for “Every 10 minutes blink your eyes for 10 seconds.”